Pest Control.

Permkill Pest Control Cheshunt is a family run business based on the Enfield/Hertfordshire border. On this page I hope to share more information on Pest species, and some of the more unusual situations we find ourselves in on a weekly basis.

Is Pest Control Worth Doing? A Closer Look at Pest Control in Enfield

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Pest control is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. However, many people often question whether it's worth investing in professional pest control services. This article aims to shed light on the importance of pest control, particularly focusing on pest control in Enfield. The Importance of Pest Control Pests such as rodents, insects, and other wildlife can cause significant damage to your property if left unchecked. They can chew through wires, damage structural elements of your home, and even spread diseases. Professional pest control services offer an effective solution to these problems. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to eliminate pests from your property safely and efficiently. But is it worth the cost? Let's delve deeper into…

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Cockroach Pest Control

Tuesday 20th June 2023

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests in Enfield, and most of the calls we get are from businesses and homeowners who want to get rid of the problem before it becomes a full-blown infestation. There are over 4,600 species of cockroaches in the world, and 30 of them are associated with human habitats. Here in Enfield, our two main species are the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) and the Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis). Learning how each species looks like will help you identify them more easily and know how to proceed before calling cockroach control. The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) This is the most common cockroach species infesting buildings in the UK, and it can only be found…

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Is your commercial kitchen ready to reopen?

Sunday 21st June 2020

Last week it was reported that the Government are set to release a statement with the welcome news that pub and restaurant gardens can open to the public in July for the first time since the Corona virus closed everything down. After a spell of fine weather, this is great news for local businesses; and is a welcome change for regular visitors to these establishments. However, the good news comes with some unwelcome news. With commercial kitchens being opened for the first time in months, reports of rats and mice has surged as there has been minimal activity and monitoring over the last few months. It's now a matter of urgency to take action and control the infestations in these establishments…

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Wasps and Hornets, the Summer Season Unwanted Guests

Monday 8th June 2020

These pesky picnic spoilers will either be the common British Vespula Vulgaris or a German Vespula Germanica; both wasps are similar in size and markings. While the common wasp is usually to blame for spoiling the fun, there are actually three other common species to add to the list - the red wasp, the tree wasp and the accidentally introduced Saxon wasp or DolichovespulaSaxonia. They are all about the size of a paper clip and they will all sting you. What they all have in common is the ability to spoil a BBQ however they are not all bad as they can have a positive impact on the ecosystem. Wasps prefer to feed on caterpillars and other common garden pests. This can…

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Wasps Nest Removal.

Thursday 4th June 2020

WHY DO WE TREAT WASP NESTS Wasps are one of Britain's most feared and potentially aggressive pests, wasps are known for unprovoked attacks and stings. The reality is that wasp usually only attack when it feels under threat. When a wasp is in distress the wasp emits a pheromone that causes other nearby members of the nest to come and protect the wasp. A wasp sting can be very painful and if you are sensitive to a wasp sting it could send you into anaphylaxis - a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Having a wasp nest in close proximity to your house or business will lead to a nuisance during the summer months when we want to enjoy the outdoors. Is it a wasp nest? There is…

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